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Accuracy, Pressure, Reliability, Velocity, And Consistency.

Who we are

From the beginning with research and development to the hands of hunters and shooters; Our manufacturing process puts the value of product quality and performance first, all to give you that final accurate shot.

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How it works

Our machines come with improved primer shuttle system and much more for a smooth process. From 9mm ammunition for a more consistent barrier penetration to a 223 ammo made as an excellent choice for home defense.



Browse through our most frequently asked questions and answers. Contact us if you don’t find. your answer here.

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Do We Only Sell Products In Case Quantities?

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We offer our products in case and box quantities to allow our customers to test a small amount of a given product before a more significant purchase

Can We Deliver To You?

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Due to regulations and shipping restriction on the sale of ammunition, we are unable to ship to the following locations:

  • Alaska
  • California
  • Canada
  • Chicago, IL
  • Hawaii
  • Massachusetts
  • New York City
  • Buffalo, NY
  • Rochester, NY
  • International Locations

Can We Ship To New Jersey?

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We do, however, only the .223 without proof of a FOID card. One of the following is required to ship other calibers:

  • A valid copy of your firearms purchaser identification card
  • A valid copy of your permit to purchase a handgun
  • A valid copy of your permit to carry a handgun

What documentation do I need to send?

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After placing an order, we will send you an email detailing any additional requirements. To expedite the process, please follow the instructions closely.

How should you store your ammo?

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Avoid extreme humid conditions. Vacuum sealing your ammunition can help protect it from water and rust. Check every three to six months for signs of corrosion.

Does your ammo expire?

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The answer is no; however, gunpowder loses its potency over time. A risk that comes with old ammunition is failure to fire, which means that while you actually fire a shot, it doesn’t have enough momentum to make it out of the barrel.